Thursday, 18 July 2013

Landmarks No.19

The Ark In Space.
It might not be the first Tom Baker story, or Robert Holmes first script editing job, but this story marks the beginning of the immensely popular Hinchcliffe-Holmes era.
Robot - written by Terrance Dicks, produced by Barry Letts, and featuring UNIT in a prominent way - is obviously the last hurrah of the previous era.
One just can't imagine Pertwee delivering the famous "Homo-sapiens..." speech.
The monsters might be a bit B-Movie in realisation, but they are really nasty things. They lay their eggs in peoples' bodies, and the larvae eat their victims from the inside out, absorbing their knowledge (and memories in some cases).
Hinchcliffe and Holmes obviously share a taste in  Cronenbergian body horror. This will become much more evident as they get into their full gothic, grand guignol stride.
Hinchcliffe points out in quite a few DVD commentaries that he found "possession" stories particularly fascinating.
Some great guest performances, and a special mention must be made of Roger Murray-Leach's innovative sets.
The story also marks Ian Marter's first proper companion outing, as the lovable Harry Sullivan.

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