Saturday, 29 June 2013

Those 67 Faces...

Must admit I was not terribly impressed with the DWM list of 67 Doctors. Just where was the Wall's Sky Ray man??? If you are going to count the Deadringers crew - why not also The Who as brought to life by Reeves & Mortimer (above).
I'm still not happy with the inclusion of the Brain of Morbius faces. One might just be a younger version of the First Doctor, but not all of them. They're more than likely Morbius himself - he did lose the contest after all.
Some of the entries were rather obscure - schools programmes, foreign sketches and so forth.
One person on the list I disagree with entirely - the BF audio "One Doctor" played by Christopher Biggins. Wasn't he someone who pretended to be the Doctor? An imposter? Not the Doctor himself, so I don't see why Banto Zame was included. Another big cheat was the inclusion of David Bradley and Reece Shearsmith, as they won't actually be seen until November. You might as well have had "the man / woman who is going to be the 12th Doctor at Christmas" on the list as well.
One thing I was pleased to learn of was a further connection between Saint Bernard of Cribbins and the programme, he having played the Doctor in a (now lost) sketch.

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