Monday, 24 June 2013

The 67 Faces of Doctor Who?

Intriguing feature mentioned in the top left corner of this coming week's new DMW. I've been thinking about this and can't get anywhere near that number.
There's the eleven TV Doctors, Mr Hurt, and Peter Cushing. That makes 13.
There were two doubles for Hartnell - one of whom was clearly seen on screen. (15).
Patrick Troughton's double is seen on a couple of occasions (17).
Terry Walsh is visible covering for both Pertwee and Baker, T. (19).
Shouldn't count any of the people seen in the mind wrestling scene in The Brain of Morbius.
The Valeyard (20).
A version of the Doctor, based on Nick Briggs, appeared in the DWM comic strip. (21).
Richard Hurndall (22).
Doctor 10.5 (23).
Maybe the Flesh Doctor?
Can't count things like Meglos, or the Teselecta Doctor - because they are Meglos and the Teselecta and not the Doctor.
Come on folks, help me out here...


  1. The Shalka Doctor....the 5 Curse of Fatal Death Doctors...and I think you're going to have to count the Morbius Trevor Martin on stage for Seven Keys to Doomsday...Lenny Henry as the black Doctor...the list goes on my friend!

  2. Well done. Shalka takes us to 24. 5 Curse of Fatal Death Doctors takes us to 29. Trevor Martin (Seven Keys To Doomsday) makes it 30.
    Jim Broadbent was also Doctor in a Victoria Wood sketch (31), Clive Dunn (32), Lenny Henry (33), George Layton - French & Saunders - 34.
    4 alternative Doctors from Big Finish (38).
    Just another 29 to go.
    Still can't count the Morbius images, as Hartnell has been confirmed as the first Doctor (unless one of them was a younger him)...

  3. A couple more from me - Don MacLean from Crackerjack, Mark Gatiss form the Doctor Who Night sketch, Rod Hull, and the bloke from the Wall's Skyray advert.
    25 to go...

  4. The Morbius Doctors still can be counted as, thanks to the Name of the Doctor, while Hartnell is the first Doctor they could be previous incarnations of the same man, just without that title.

  5. Big finish had a few new Doctors in the Doctor Who unbound series oh and your mate Mark Gatiss played him in a few comedy sketches :).

  6. Oops you've already mentioned that :(

  7. i think the magazine will count the images from brain of morbius.

    1. They did, but I still disagree with those.

  8. How about Jon Culshaw's Doctor from Dead Ringers?