Saturday, 1 June 2013

The Christmas Regeneration...

I go to the pub with the sister-in-law for a couple of hours, and look what happens. Smith resigns. Personally, I always thought this was on the cards. I never believed that he would be the Doctor into 2014.
Tennant was Doctor into 2010 - but only by one day, and maybe Smith will also regenerate at New Year after a two part Xmas story.
The big question for the media will obviously be who takes his place. I think the bigger question should really be who will be the next show-runner, as I think Moffat will go with his Doctor... Gatiss? Whithouse? Chibnall? Or someone else?


  1. Gatiss.............he should've been the Dr himself.

  2. There was a rumour when Being Human came to an abrupt end that Whithouse was being lined up. After the success of Broadchurch it's recently all about Pertwee fan Chibnall. The one that I would like to see - and I don't think his stories are necessarily always brilliant (The Idiots Lantern & Victory of the Daleks were both a bit rubbish - and I think he trashed the Ice Warriors )- is Gatiss... Come to think about it, he might be a better Doctor than a show-runner...

  3. By the way - guess what came through my letter box today? The Magazook has landed. After all the fuss, I was worried that it would be a bit of an anti-climax. Not so. My big worry now is that there is another two of them to come...
    The quest is still the quest.

  4. He did a few comedy sketches as the Doctor and really looked the part and on the plus side being that he's a gay actor we might finally get away from all that Dr/companion romance tripe. Glad to hear you finally got the Dalek book,it's a good read.