Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Postponement of the Zygons

Amazon are now saying that The Terror of the Zygons DVD won't be released until September. This means that it has been pushed back due the mysterious "Regeneration Box-Set". You may have noticed a post I did a few days ago containing some concerns regarding this release.
I find it really annoying that, with only a handful of new releases left to them, classicdw are embarking on a fan rip-off exercise - no doubt using the 50th Anniversary to make a fast buck out of irrelevant re-releases.
(The Inferno SE has only one new extra of note - Toby Hadoke messing about with the now geriatric stunt team).
If the "Regeneration Box-Set" does include The Tenth Planet, and if there isn't a simultaneous stand-alone release for it, I will be very angry indeed.

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