Thursday, 7 March 2013

DWM 458

Issue 458 of DWM was released today. Being a monthly magazine it does mean that some news items are already old hat. We are told about the return of the Ice Warriors - two days after their new design was unveiled, for instance.
One item of interest is the hint from Steven Moffat that a "certain villain" might be popping up again. He as good as says that the next batch of episodes are really Series 8. With the huge gap between The Angels Take Manhattan, the new TARDIS interior, costume, titles and companions, I am inclined to accept this also.
About The Bells of St John, we only get confirmation that it is about alien infiltration of Wi-Fi, includes the Doctor and Clara on both a plane and a motorbike, and includes a rather implausible stunt. The modern day Clara is also a nanny, like the Victorian version.

The 50th Anniversary story starts filming on 18th March, directed by Nick Hurran.
Also appearing in An Adventure In Space And Time are Carole Ann Ford in a cameo as Joyce, and the actor who played Marco Polo - Mark Eden - plays Donald Baverstock, the man who very nearly pulled the plug on the show after 13 episodes.

A couple of celebratory tie-ins are mentioned - a Who-themed edition of the quiz Pointless, and a Culture Show Special which promises to reveal which Doctor Who writer proposed to Lis Sladen...

On March 21st, DWM has another special edition - this time featuring the telesnaps from five missing First Doctor stories - Marco Polo, The Crusade, The Savages, The Smugglers and The Tenth Planet.

Lastly, a word on the current comic strip. I was quite enjoying it, but suddenly it is demonstrating what happens when continuity is allowed to run riot at the expense of good story-telling.

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