Sunday, 10 March 2013

That Was The Week That Was 10.3.13

Just a brief TW3 today as I covered most of the week's news developments when I looked at the latest DWM on Thursday. Main thing this week has been the first batch of photographs from Series 7 Part 2 - or Series 7b. I was on the point of thinking of it as really series 8, then spotted that the DVD release on 20th May will be called Series 7: Part 2. No word on the Complete box set yet.
Most significant image was of the new Ice Warrior design for the third episode, set on a Russian submarine. I still don't like the lack of fur at the joints.
We now know that the new alien above (who looks like a zombie Draconian) is from the second episode (which has been given the tentative title of The Ring of Akhaten). This is set on an alien planet and it looks like the scene from the trailer with all the assorted aliens comes from this episode also.
Other photos were of the non-spoilery variety - for the Ice Warrior episode and the ghostly fourth instalment - variably referred to as both The Hider in the House and Phantom of the Hex.

The other big news of the week is that there is to be a 3 day convention over November's anniversary weekend at the ExCel in London. Prices, guests and everything else will be advertised soon.
Filming starts on Monday 18th for the anniversary story, and everyone you might expect from the "classic series" and even "Nu Who" is saying they don't think they'll be involved. I suspect it is all a cunning ruse and they have slapped confidentiality agreements on them all, or the Official Secrets Act.

Lastly, don't forget that The Aztecs Special Edition is released tomorrow. I was not going to buy this but the inclusion of the once lost Galaxy 4 "Airlock" episode makes it a necessity. Also included is a brief CG reconstruction of other episodes to give a fuller flavour of the story.
(This weekend I have started to watch every episode in order, to mark the 50th. I was going to start at the beginning of the year, but knew The Aztecs was to be released early on, so have held off until now. I've reached the 6th episode of The Daleks already, and only started last night).
Still no word about The Underwater Menace episode. If it doesn't appear on The Ice Warriors DVD in August then that rumoured release of The Moonbase with the two missing parts animated looks more and more likely.

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