Saturday, 30 March 2013

Comfortable trousers for watching TV...

No, I haven't taken leave of my senses (yet), but have instead taken delivery of the latest Doctor Who book from DK Publishing. The presence of one of the DWA team in the writing credits points to this being firmly aimed at a younger readership. All 11 Doctors, their companions, and around 200 allies and enemies get a page each of (apparently) essential information. Katarina features, but not Sara Kingdom. Jackie Tyler and Sylvia Noble get a page each - but not Francine Jones.
There is a large central image for each, plus one or two smaller photographs. The main images have little arrows pointing to key features. In the case of Craig Owens, his "cosy cardigan" and those trousers are his pertinent features. Rory's sole attribute is his "casual, scruffy jeans".
A Sea Devil handgun is bizarrely referred to as "Gun from their large stash". Characters' personalities are generally indicated by an arrow pointing to their head. However, Jackie Tyler's right leg is, apparently, a big fan of Cliff Richard, Jo's left arm is naturally enthusiastic, and Mickey Smith's stomach loves football.
Steven Taylor wears a "fitted jumper for ease of movement in spaceship". There are many more unintentional laughs to be had, as the editors struggle for something to say about the characters and fail to get past inane.
As I said, it is aimed at a younger audience, but I think it is demeaning to 5 year olds to point to horns and tell us these are "horns" - for all of the horned beings that are featured. And does anyone of any age really need to have it pointed out to them that Astrid's drinks tray is, well, a drinks tray?

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