Sunday, 3 March 2013

That Was The Week That Was 3.3.13

Just back from a short holiday and I don't seem to have missed too much. Main thing this week was confirmation that the opening episode of Series 7 Part 2 is going to be called The Bells of St John. The promotional image above was released this week - and it covers more than the first episode - as there are Cybermen and Ice Warriors hidden in the glass shards - as well as the robotic Spoonheads from the opener, not previously seen in the trailer.
We know The Bells... is the "urban thriller" episode and that it features guest star Celia Imrie. It revolves around alien infiltration of Wi-Fi, and I suspect that those monks from the trailer may appear.
Other Series 7 news revealed is that we are really going to see a lot more of the TARDIS in the episode Journey To The Heart Of The Tardis - it's not a trick title - and that the finale (which takes place, at least partly, in Victorian Glasgow) will reveal the Doctor's greatest secret...

In other news, principal photography has now wrapped on An Adventure In Space And Time. The Dalek city interior is one of the sets that has been recreated. Actor Sam Hoare has been cast as "Douglas" - so I assume that's Dougie Camfield.
No news yet on the series' 50th Anniversary episode. David Tennant says he hasn't heard anything - but this could be a ruse, of course.
Lastly, it has been announced that August's DVD release of The Ice Warriors is, indeed, going to have animation covering the missing episodes. From what I've seen, it is quite simply done. This may be a breath of fresh air after the dreadful direction on The Reign of Terror release.

As for the week ahead, I shan't be posting on Monday as it is my birthday, and I will be off getting a bit drunk somewhere. I'll be posting on Story 63 - The Mutants on Tuesday. Expect a flurry of activity mid week as the new issues of SFX and DWM are released. This should mean the release of the first set of photos and additional information for The Bells of St John.

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