Monday, 2 July 2012

Assimilation Squared Issue 2

Second issue has now arrived. The TARDIS and Enterprise-D crew finally get together.
Whilst last month was ST-TNG lite, the Enterprise bunch get more of a show this time round. Again, they get a little introductory adventure all to themselves - a visit to a water world which has a Federation mining base. The locals are amphibious humanoids - think Aridians with more fish-like faces. The Doctor, Amy and Rory had a decent story last time, whereas the Enterprise crew turn up, have a look around, get a bit wet, then visit the Holodeck.
As I suspected last time, the San Francisco locale is the Holodeck - and that's where the 2 strands meet up.
There isn't any locking up of the time travellers - Picard et al seem to accept them with barely a shrug. Perhaps all those super beings like Q who used to turn up every other week have made them all a bit blasé.
A distress call comes in from Delta IV (attacked last month) and they go there Warp 9 to find a fleet of Borg and Cyberships.
No little hidden references this issue that I have found (so far).
Things to ponder:
The Doctor hasn't heard of Delta IV despite claiming to know every world in every system.
He also says he is seeing things that haven't happened yet (the green crystal's work?), and he knows Worf is a Klingon but says he had never heard of the word until then...
What on earth is going on? Tune in next month. If the cover is anything to go by, should be a corker.

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