Monday, 23 July 2012

Assimilation Squared Issue 3

My copy of issue 3 finally arrived today. Obviously, if you haven't got yours yet, read no further.

Last time, the Enterprise-D, with the TARDIS crew aboard, had arrived above Delta IV to find a huge Borg-Cyber Fleet in orbit. This issue, naturally, starts with them doing a runner and hiding out in a handy nearby nebula (a Star Trek staple).
Beforehand, the crew got a look at the apparent leader of the combined army - a Cyber Controller with a few Borg bits added on.
When Commander Data checks the archives to see if there is any record of these "Cyber-Men", they come upon a report by Captain James T. Kirk of the original Enterprise.
There then follows a marvellous little adventure with the original crew (Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Scotty) encountering Revenge-style Cybermen, and helped by a mysterious Doctor, dressed in a floppy hat and over-long scarf...
This episode is "remembered" by the Eleventh Doctor.
Whilst the main stroryline is presented in a photo-realistic style, once the original crew appear, the panels switch to a more basic comic book style, with simpler lines and bright primary colours - in keeping with the 1960's show.
 Nods to Revenge of the Cybermen include a black helmeted Cyberleader, and the susceptibility to gold (the covers of the original ST communicators are made of the stuff handily enough).
One minor gripe is the Fourth Doctor's hat - it's tiny and totally out of scale.
 The story is really starting to pick up now, after the necessary introductions of the first two issues. The Doctor is still having memories of things he shouldn't have, and whatever's going on seems to go back a long way into his, and the Federation's, past.

PS. Guess what Spock's referring to:
"Fascinating. Gelatin confectionery, dusted with starch, and moulded into the shape of a small child".

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