Monday, 25 June 2012

Series 7 update

New DWM due out later this week, and just found out the title of the Dalek story, so thought an update on what we know so far about Series 7 is in order.

Episode 1 is Asylum of the Daleks. I have seen this title bandied about before, but the BFI, of which I am a member, has now confirmed it. It is getting a screening on August 14th - 11 days before the Edinburgh TV Festival. Writer Steven Moffat is expected to be in attendance for a Q & A.
What else do we know about this story? Snow planet. Daleks from every era. Biggest set so far. Lots of explosions. Amy & Rory no longer travel full time in the TARDIS.

Episode 2 is the one by Chris Chibnall set in ancient Egypt (not a Stargate type alien world, as Queen Nefertiti is in it). Big robots. David Bradley possibly a villain. Rupert Graves as a big game hunter / explorer / adventurer. Mark Williams as Rory's dad, Brian. Second biggest set so far. Story title "Something on a Something". This is the one the Daily Star claims to called "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship".

Episode 3 is the Western one with the cyborg gunfighter. Title has been referred to as The Gunslinger elsewhere - unconfirmed. Adrian Scarborough, Ben Browder and Garrick Hagon guesting. Toby Whithouse is the writer.

Episode 4 concentrates on Amy & Rory's relationship. Rory's dad again. UNIT appear. Jemma Redgrave playing possible daughter of the late great Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. Steven Berkoff also in it. Have seen photos of strange little black cubes. This is also written by Chris Chibnall.

Episode 5 - Amy & Rory departure. Weeping Angels. New York. Mike McShane guest. River Song back.
Blub - Weeping Fans... Written by Moffat, of course.

Christmas Episode. Arrival of new companion - name yet to be officially announced - played by Jenna-Louise Coleman. Doctor encounters her "in the last place you would expect"... Moffat has only just finished writing this (Matt Smith said at the recent Eleventh Hour convention he had just seen it). It will need to be the next story in front of the cameras as already overdue.
Might this contain the new monster Moffat tweeted about a few days ago? The one that is supposed to be very very scary?

Episodes 6 - 13. One episode will be written by Mark Gatiss. Episode 11 is by Neil Cross. Other writers have been mentioned (John Fay, Tom McRae, Steve Thompson) but more stories are commissioned each year than are actually used.
I would assume Moffat will have the finale, but might also want the first episode of the second half of the series (number 6).
Episode 11 is the one where Matt Smith wears the new costume (and from whence the recent publicity photos have emerged). Features people in Victorian dress. Dougray Scott guesting.

How much longer is Smith going to stay in the role? He's contradicted himself a number of times in the past 12 months. Might Episode 13 see The Fields of Trenzalore and a regeneration or will he want to be the TARDIS incumbent for the 50th Anniversary proper?

Usual suspect monsters returning being mentioned - even the Radio Times seems to think the Ice Warriors might be coming back. About time too, if true, though I would personally much rather see the return of the Zygons.

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