Sunday, 29 July 2012

That Was The Week That Was 29.7.12

A little thing called the Olympic Games is in town for the next couple of weeks. Wasn't going to watch the opening ceremony but I'm very glad I did. As barmily British as you can get. Loved the Bond piece. Of course, in the middle of the lengthy pop musical section, around one billion people across the globe got to hear the distinctive TARDIS (de)materialisation sound.

We have now been promised a new trailer for series 7 - scheduled for 8pm on Thursday 2nd August. Fans of the excellent Merlin series get a trailer the following evening.

DWM reached its 450th issue. Very little in it about the new series. Moffat runs through the stages where each script has reached. Interesting article about a series that never was, starring Jon Pertwee (Starwatch).
There is a sizeable tribute to Caroline John - which brings us to the biggest, saddest news of the week.

Romana actor Mary Tamm passed away. There are some uncanny parallels between the two companions. Both featured in only one season. Both were introduced as more adult, erudite characters, intended to be an equal to the Doctor. Both are denied a departure scene.

There was a further loss at the end the week with the death of Geoffrey Hughes, who played the enigmatic Victorian clerk Mr Popplewick in The Ultimate Foe - the final 2 episodes of Trial of a Time Lord. He played the popular character of Eddie Yeats in 'Coronation Street' for several years, was Hyacinth Bucket's slobbish brother-in-law in 'Keeping Up Appearances' as well as having roles in 'The Royle Family' and 'Heartbeat' amongst many others.

Things to look forward to in the coming week - that new trailer, and The Greatest Show In The Galaxy is released on DVD tomorrow.

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