Sunday, 22 July 2012

That Was The Week That Was 22.7.12

Have decided to do a little summary of the week's news and other miscellaneous items each weekend from now on - stuff perhaps not quite deserving of a post on its own.

Firstly, a recent job advert at BBC Cymru suggests a Docu-Drama on the birth of Doctor Who is indeed on the cards. Job was in the drama department, for a 5 month period and knowledge of Doctor Who (and CGI work) was essential. Pretty much points to the rumoured 50th Anniversary piece (possibly scripted by Mark Gatiss?). This has been reported by SFX and The Doctor Who News Page amongst others.
(PS - don't bother applying - applications closed last Wednesday).

This week (Friday 20th), Matt Smith dispatched one of his army of Mini-Me's to open the Cardiff Doctor Who Experience. It's housed in a large blue box, the inside (disappointingly) the same size as the outside.Various monsters in attendance. I haven't actually been to the Experience in any of its guises (despite its long stint in London) so I will endeavour to visit this soon.
Smith couldn't attend in person as he has been off at the San Diego Comic-Con. Only real news to emerge from this were the 3 new episode titles. UK fans (miffed at being denied the new BBC Licence Fee Funded Clips - an annual gripe now) are still waiting to see what they will get in recompense. Brand manager Ed Russell tweeted we would get something special shortly - maybe a new trailer? Looks like the new series might be kicking off in only a few more weeks after all.

DWM's 450th edition is out on Thursday. Love the rather stark, uncluttered cover. Doesn't give much away about contents, though a tweet from editor Tom Spilsbury promises both Troughton & Smith interviews, and a Dalek feature by stalwart operators Nicholas Pegg & Barnaby Edwards.
The August 22nd issue of SFX will be previewing the new series with interviews and set reports.

Lastly, on a sad note, the man responsible for the Fifth Doctor's costume - Colin Lavers - has passed away. He costume designed Four to Doomsday - Davison's first story in production. He also worked on The Power of Kroll,  The King's Demons and The Five Doctors - getting to dress 4 Doctors, 8 companions (including the Brigadier and Sarah) and the Master all in one go.

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