Tuesday 20 June 2023

Latest missing episodes rumour

Apparently Apple TV in the US is listing the following episodes as being available on Britbox - but just not yet:
The Myth Makers 2 & 4
The Smugglers 2 & 4
The Highlanders 2
The Space Pirates 4,5 & 6

This comes a couple of weeks after Philip Morris claimed, at a convention, that the number of missing episodes was "likely" to go down soon, and he had identified a number either abroad or in private hands. Mr Morris is the person who brought The Enemy of the World and most of The Web of Fear back to us in 2013 - which just happened to be the last big anniversary year.
We have also had a rumour from the beginning of the year concerning new animations - though these were supposed to be The Smugglers (in the new list) and The Underwater Menace (absent from the new list).
What are we to make of this? Well, nothing for now as it's all pure rumour or even downright lies.
The new list might well be down to someone pulling Apple TV's leg.
I'm suspicious at the number of second episodes in the list - a bit of a coincidence for three of them to be found, and two fourth instalments.
If Mr Morris is behind this, and missing episodes have been found, has he been sitting on them just to get extra publicity from the 60th anniversary, or has it really taken 10 years exactly to sort this out?
Is this just another coincidence which is too big to swallow?
Only time, as they always say, will tell.

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