Saturday 4 March 2023

A birthday of yesteryear

Facebook flagged up one of those "Your memories from xx years ago" posts today, reminding me of a birthday visit to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff. As well as a trip to the DWE, this particular visit (4th March 2016) also included a tour of the TARDIS set. This was my fourth such tour. 
The first was of the first Matt Smith version when I attended the BBC's Doctor Who Convention in 2012. The following year I saw the new Smith version, which had come in on The Snowmen. The third and fourth tours were of the superior Capaldi version.
The tour group had to go inside the main set in smaller parties, which meant a little waiting until your turn, but there were a couple of Daleks - one dismantled - and the graffitied TARDIS from Series 9 to see as well.

I'm due back in hospital in the next few days - a planned visit for a change, as I am getting the stoma reversal operation. Posts on the blog will therefore be few and far between for a couple of weeks - depending on how quick I get back on my feet and get home again. I hope to be fit enough to make the journey over to Edinburgh by the end of April, as that is when the touring Worlds of Doctor Who exhibition is due to leave the city.
If RTD can revitalise interest in the series, hopefully we might get another permanent exhibition. I doubt any such thing would return to Cardiff, as the council got their fingers burnt financially with the DWE, but a venue in London might work out. The only problem would be no accompanying TARDIS tour...

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