Friday 28 August 2020

More Troughton animations for 2021...

According to website Digital Spy, taking their info from a UK tabloid, 2021 will see two further lost Patrick Troughton stories receiving the animation treatment for a DVD / Blu-ray release. These will be The Evil of the Daleks, and The Abominable Snowmen.
They have always been strong contenders for animation, as they feature relatively small casts of speaking characters (one of the key factors in determining what can be animated, economically) and a limited number of settings.
As with every lost story, the soundtracks exist, and both these stories also have the benefit of having a complete telesnap archive for visual reference. Additionally, both stories have one episode apiece still in existence - the second part in each case.
Apparently this originates with The Mirror, and has not been confirmed by the BBC or the team who work on these projects, but I suspect that this will prove to be more than just a rumour.
What is purely rumour is another news item I read earlier in the week, on a sci-fi blog, that there may be a further 7 lost episodes potentially to be returned to the archives. One of these is the still AWOL third episode of The Web of Fear, but what the other six are is not mentioned - so no idea if a complete six-parter or some miscellaneous orphan episodes. It isn't even stated if they are Hartnell or Troughton ones. Apparently the issue is not about money changing hands with the private collectors who currently hold these, but safeguards around their identity and anonymity, for fear of torch-wielding fans descending on their homes like a scene from a Universal monster movie...

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