Saturday 8 August 2020

H is for... Host, Heavenly


The Heavenly Host were the service robots assigned to look after passengers on Max Capricorn space cruises, which originated on the planet Sto. For their voyage to Earth at Christmas, 2008, on a replica of the ill-fated Titanic, the Host were redesigned to look like angels, replete with wings and halos. Unbeknown to passengers and crew, Capricorn was about to be ousted from his own company, and so he had decided to sabotage this cruise. The Captain - Hardaker - had been paid to turn off the force-shields and magnetise the hull so that the ship would be struck by meteoroids. It would crash onto the planet below, and lead to ruin for the board members who wanted to take over the company. Capricorn had reprogrammed the Host to kill all survivors. They were capable of hovering, and could remove their halos and use them as lethal weapons. They were susceptible to powerful electromagnetic surges, however. The Doctor was able to trick them by pointing out that he was neither passenger or crewman and should not be killed, as he was really a stowaway. He ordered them to take him to the person in charge, after guessing that Capricorn himself was hidden on board in a reinforced area of the ship. The Host had in their programming the order to answer three questions asked of them, but took this very literally. Once Capricorn had been killed by waitress Astrid Peth, and control of the ship taken back by Midshipman Frame, the Host were deactivated.

Played by: Paul Kasey. Appearances: Voyage of the Damned (2007).

  • Russell T Davies was inspired by The Robots of Death for the way the look and sound of the Host - beautiful, calmly spoken killers.

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