Monday 15 June 2020

H is for... Highwayman

Whilst on loan to a gallery in London the famous painting of the Mona Lisa came to life, as it had been painted using sentient alien minerals from a meteorite. She had the power to bring other paintings to life - or to trap real people within painted images. One of the paintings she brought to life was that of a Highwayman, from William Bonneville's 1802 canvas known as The Dark Rider, whom she used to hunt down Luke Smith, Clyde Langer and Rani Chandra, after they became trapped in the gallery. His flintlock pistols were real, but as he had been painted with a face mask, and had no mouth, he was unable to speak. When Mona Lisa was sent back into her painting, all the trapped people - including Sarah Jane Smith - were freed, and the Highwayman was returned to his painting.

Played by: Paul Kasey. Appearances: SJA 3.5 Mona Lisa's Revenge (2009).

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