Monday 1 June 2020

H is for... Hermack, General

General Nikolai Hermack of the Space Corps commanded the starship V41-LO. It patrolled a lawless frontier region of space which had recently come under attack from space pirates. They were targeting government owned navigation beacons which were made from the highly sought after mineral argonite. Although normally unmanned, the beacons could sustain a small group of people for a short time, and so Hermack decided to plant some soldiers on Beacon Alpha-4, to lie in wait for the pirates to turn up. The TARDIS materialised on the same beacon, and the Doctor and his companions were mistaken for pirates. Hermack discovered an unauthorised spaceship in the area - the LIZ-79, owned by an old mining prospector named Milo Clancey. Hermack came to suspect that he was in league with the pirates, possibly even their commander. Hermack took his ship to the planet Ta to see Madeleine Issigri, daughter of Clancey's old business partner. He didn't realise it but she was actually the one in league with the pirates, who were led by a criminal named Caven. Madeleine was allowing them to use Ta as their base of operations. When the truth was uncovered, Hermack had Caven's spaceship blown up as it tried to flee.

Played by: Jack May. Appearances: The Space Pirates (1969).
  • May was best known at the time for his appearances in Adam Adamant Lives! in which he played the title character's butler, Simms.
  • On radio, he voiced Nelson Gabriel for 45 years of The Archers, and featured in the BBC radio adaptation of Lord of the Rings as King Theoden. 
  • He also voiced the character of Igor in the Count Duckula cartoon series.

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