Monday 26 August 2019

H is for... Hampdon, Jane

Jane Hampden was a school teacher in the English village of Little Hodcombe. She was opposed to Sir George Hutchinson's Civil War reenactment because of the disruption which it was causing, and her feeling that some of the participants were taking it all too seriously. Her old friend, Colonel Ben Wolsey, tried to get her to accept the war games. Jane was right to be concerned, as Sir George had fallen under the baleful influence of the Malus, a psychic alien entity which had visited the village at the time of the original Civil War battle that had been fought here. It thrived on negative emotions. It had lain dormant beneath the village church for centuries, reactivating due to the hostility being generated by the reenactment. Jane joined the Doctor in helping to defeat the Malus, which was destroyed after its link to Sir George was broken when he died.

Played by: Polly James. Appearances: The Awakening (1984).
  • James was the second of The Liver Birds to appear in a story alongside Peter Davison's Doctor - Nerys Hughes having previously appeared in Kinda. In both cases they act as temporary companions to the Doctor - leading many fans to comment on how this incarnation of the Doctor worked better with more mature companions.
  • Her actor son, Adam James, is an old friend of David Tennant, and appeared alongside him in Planet of the Dead, playing Detective Inspector McMillan.

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