Monday 26 August 2019

H is for... Hallett, Lisa

Lisa Hallett was the girlfriend of Ianto Jones - the pair having met when they worked together at Torchwood One in London. Torchwood inadvertently allowed an army of Cybermen from a parallel universe to invade Earth through a breach into the void which separated the two realities. Lisa was among those who were converted. In her case they carried out a complete body conversion, rather than transfer the brain directly into a Cyberman shell. Ianto managed to smuggle her out of the building when the Cybermen were defeated, along with some of their conversion technology. This helped to keep her alive but in a dormant state. Ianto then began pursuing Captain Jack Harkness, in order to land a job with Torchwood Three in Cardiff. This was purely so he could access their resources to find a way of bringing Lisa back. He secreted her and the conversion equipment in an unused chamber deep beneath the Hub, and then contacted specialists who could help her. One such person was a Japanese scientist named Tanizaki. Lisa's mental conditioning was getting stronger, and she attacked Tanizaki, attempting unsuccessfully to convert him. The equipment began draining power from the rest of the Hub, attracting the attention of Ianto's colleagues. Lisa captured Gwen Cooper and tried to convert her, but Jack was able to rescue her. Ianto was ordered to destroy Lisa, but could not bring himself to do it - even though Jack threatened to kill him if he refused. Jack was able to overpower her by throwing BBQ sauce over her - which made her a target for the Hub's resident Pterosaur. This gave everyone time to escape from the complex. A pizza delivery girl had found her way into the abandoned Hub and Lisa had her brain transplanted into her body. She was then shot dead by the Torchwood team.

Some time later the enigmatic Bilis Manger, who was a servant to a demonic creature called Abaddon, used the image of an unconverted Lisa to try to convince Ianto to open the Rift.

Played by: Caroline Chikezie. Appearances: TW 1.4Cyberwoman (2006), TW 1.13: End of Days (2007).

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