Tuesday 20 November 2018

G is for... Gavin

One morning, Rani Chandra and Clyde Langer woke up to find their families had disappeared. They went to visit Sarah Jane Smith and her son Luke, but they were nowhere to be seen either. In fact, the pair appeared to be the only people left on the planet. They travelled into town and found it deserted. However, they soon encountered a pair of huge robots. These were hunting for something, broadcasting a message demanding the sun and the air, otherwise the missing people would not be returned. Exploring the city, Clyde and Rani discovered that there was one other person still around - a schoolboy named Gavin. A keen nature lover, who lived with a foster family, he could not explain why he had been unaffected by the mass disappearance. He ran off, and they tracked him down to a park where he liked to go. The two robots arrived, and Clyde and Rani discovered that it was not the sun and air they were looking for, but the son and heir. Gavin was really an alien, royal prince of a far-off planet from which the robots had been sent. He had been placed on Earth as a baby for his protection following an invasion, his true nature hidden by a bio-damper. Removing this allowed the robots to find him. His planet was free once again, and so the robots had come to Earth to fetch him back home to rule. As soon as they had transported him away, everyone was returned - oblivious that they have ever been gone. The reason that Clyde and Rani had not been taken was because they had earlier been grounded by the Judoon, so were not permitted to leave the planet.

Played by: Joe Mason. Appearances: SJA 4.4 - The Empty Planet (2010).

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