Tuesday 6 November 2018

G is for... Garner, Sam

Sam Garner was a New York private detective who was employed by the rich recluse Julius Grayle to investigate a building called Winter Quay. This was in 1938. Garner went to the apartment block and discovered a room with his name on its door. Inside he found a wallet identical to his own, with a yellowed and faded copy of his P.I. licence. In the bedroom was an old man, who informed him that he was his older self. Garner tried to flee but encountered a number of Weeping Angels. Forced up to the roof, he was confronted by the Statue of Liberty, which was also an Angel. It sent him back in time so that he lived and grew old in the building, to become the elderly man whom his younger self had just encountered - with the Angels feeding off of his potential energy.
When the Doctor's companion Rory Williams, who was to suffer the same fate, jumped from the roof and created a temporal paradox, Garner and the building's other captives would never have been trapped.

Played by: Rob David and Burnell Tucker (older Garner). Appearances: The Angels Take Manhattan (2012).

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