Friday 24 March 2017

B is for... Black, Dr.

An English art historian who gave guided tours of the Musee D'Orsay in Paris. He had a particular love for the works of Vincent Van Gogh. The Doctor and Amy met him when they visited the museum shortly after Rory had been apparently killed and removed from time by the crack that was spreading through all of Space and Time. Spotting an anomaly in one of Van Gogh's paintings, Black gave the Doctor the date and location it was painted so they could travel back and investigate. The Doctor was particularly drawn to Dr Black as he wore a bow-tie.
Later, the Doctor and Amy brought Vincent to the museum so that he would come to know that his life and work had not been in vain. Dr Black not only thought him one of the world's greatest artists, but an incredible human being. Little did he know that he was being thanked for his words by his artistic hero.

Played by Bill Nighy. Appearances: Vincent and the Doctor (2010).

  • Nighy's name has been flagged up as a potential Doctor ever since it was announced that the series was to be revived in 2005, one UK newspaper even announcing his winning of the role just as it was revealed that Christopher Eccleston was to be the new Doctor. He is a long-time collaborator of the writer of this story - Richard Curtis. Series 5 is lacking the emotional punch of the RTD era - until we get to Dr Black's summation of the life and works of Van Gogh.

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