Saturday 11 March 2017

B is for... Bevan (Nikki & Jonah)

The Rift in time and space which ran through Cardiff often left behind alien beings and artefacts, but occasionally it also took things - and people. A boy named Jonah Bevan went missing one night on his way home. CCTV showed him on the Cardiff Bay barrage, disappearing in a blaze of light. PC Andy Bell introduced Gwen Cooper to a support group for the relatives of missing people, run by Jonah's mother Nikki.
Gwen found that Jack was deliberately frustrating her efforts to investigate Jonah's disappearance. She discovered the existence of a complex hidden beneath one of the islands in the bay. It was a medical facility, set up by Jack to care for those who had been taken by the Rift and later returned. Jonah was here - but he was now a mature man. He had been badly burned, and driven insane. He had looked into the heart of a Dark Star, and would scream for 20 hours a day.

Gwen was determined that Nikki deserved the truth about her son - no matter how difficult that proved to be. She took her to the facility. At first Nikki could not believe that this was her son, but he remembered things from his childhood only Jonah would know. She then experienced his screaming. Later she told Gwen that she would rather have not known the truth, but promised not to tell anyone about the facility.

Played by: Ruth Jones (Nikki), Robert Pugh (adult Jonah), Oliver Ferriman (young Jonah). Appearances: Adrift (TW: 2.11 - 2008).

  • Ruth Jones MBE is best known as co-creator / writer (with James Corden) on Gavin & Stacey, and for the title role in Stella.
  • A little claim to fame here - I took part in a charity quiz once, and Robert Pugh was on an opposing team. We beat them.

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