Sunday 7 August 2016

August's Figurines

This month we have just the two regular releases. First up is the Whisper Man, from The Name of the Doctor. The painting is a bit slapdash on this one, with the white face paint going over the collar and the underside of the hat brim. The accompanying magazine has some interesting things to say about their creation. As the masks were made from ladies' tights material, they were extremely difficult to cut, and the make up took longer than that for a Zygon. If the material laddered, they had to start all over again.
The other figurine is the Robot Mummy from Pyramids of Mars. Not a lot you can get wrong with such a basic shape. As that story was already covered in the mag accompanying the Fourth Doctor figurine, this issue just has a general article about the various races that originated on, or who have visited, Mars.
Next up will be another Cyberman - this time from The Wheel In Space.

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