Tuesday 30 August 2016

A is for... Antodus

A member of the Thal race encountered when the Doctor made his first visit to Skaro, along with companions Susan, Ian and Barbara. Though a pacifist people by nature, Antodus was particularly keen to avoid fighting or any form of danger. He was the younger brother of Ganatus, who was stronger and more assertive. Antodus no doubt constantly lived in his brother's more formidable shadow. When younger, Antodus had a fear of the dark - talk of which Ganatus angrily defended him against. When Ganatus agreed to lead an expedition to infiltrate the Dalek city by way of the Lake of Mutations, Antodus felt compelled to join him. However, he soon grew afraid and wanted to turn back - abandoning the others. A rockfall meant that he had to go on. When the expedition reached a deep ravine, Antodus' nerve broke. He only half-heartedly attempted to get across the ravine. He fell, and almost pulled Ian down after him. Antodus cut the rope, and plunged to his death. Ganatus elected to cover up his brother's cowardice.

Played by Marcus Hammond. Appearances: The Daleks (aka The Mutants) (1963/4).

  • The movie version elects to redeem Antodus somewhat. He is still cowardly, but after cutting the rope he manages to catch hold of a ledge, and is pulled to safety.
  • Hammond seems to have quit acting in the early 1970's. One notable appearance is the Hammer film Plague of the Zombies.
  • Not to be confused with the Marcus Hammond who is a gang leader in one of the Grand Theft Auto games.

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