Saturday 11 June 2016

A is for... Ambril

The Director of Historical Research on the planet Manussa, Ambril was responsible for curating its antiquities. He was particularly keen on the ancient Sumaran era artefacts. Ambril was a pedantic, rather unimaginative individual. He couldn't see how the wearer's face made the sixth component of the Six Faces of Delusion mask, for instance, until the Doctor pointed it out to him. Ambril was especially scathing of the old legends about the Mara, and his refusal to take the threat seriously almost led to the destruction of his people. As Director, he had some power and influence - able to arrest and imprison people, and to play host to visiting dignitaries. One of his guests - Lon, son of the Federator - became possessed by the Mara through Tegan Jovanka. Ambril was coerced into allowing the real Great Mind's Eye crystal to be used in a forthcoming ceremony. He was bribed with Sumaran pottery. The Doctor joined forces with Ambril's more open-minded predecessor, Dojjen, to stop the return of the Mara.

Played by: John Carson. Appearances: Snakedance (1983).

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