Thursday 10 December 2015

December's Figurines

Three figurines arrived yesterday. The two regular ones are the Eighth Doctor and Chanto. With them is the latest of the subscriber-only special Daleks - the Imperial Guard from Parting of the Ways.
Chan-Chanto first-To. Hardly a must-have figure I would have thought. A perfectly nice model, but I don't see it being displayed anywhere near the front of my collection. A C-lister at best.
The Eighth Doctor, controversially, has him as he appeared in the 7 minute long on-line only minisode Night of the Doctor, rather than as he was in his traditional first (and only) TV appearance in The Movie. Bizarrely, the accompanying magazine covers the 1996 abomination and not the minisode as the featured story. I have to say that the likeness to Paul McGann is not terribly good, unless he has recently been diagnosed with acromegaly and I missed it.
The Dalek is one of the rarest examples of the creatures ever seen in the show. This only appeared very briefly in the one episode, floating about in the background behind the Emperor. It only existed in CGI form. Three of the guards were bronze with black domes, but this one had a black skirt as well. No, the sucker hasn't been bent by the packagers. It actually has a vertical buzz-saw attachment.
If you've read my "Know Your Daleks..." features of old, you'll know that I missed this fellow altogether.
Great news for next month - a Sensorite!!!!

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