Thursday 31 December 2015

Bye Bye 2015...

That's your lot for 2015, you wonderful people. Excellent chaps, and chapesses, and trans- or bi-chaps, all of you.
See you next year. Or tomorrow, as it is also known. 
We still don't know when Doctor Who will return, or even how many episodes there will be. Might be a split season again. And we are still waiting to hear who the new companion is going to be.
At least there will be the Class Coal Hill School spin-off series on BBC3 in 2016 if we do get less proper Who. Might this be from whence the new companion arises...? Will I use less archaic language in 2016? Nay, and verrily nay, I thinketh not forsooth...
Have a peaceful and prosperous New Year folks. 
Happy Hogmanay!!!

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