Sunday 16 June 2013

Those Monster Collection DVDs... Updated

No TW3 this week, as there really isn't anything to report on, so I will just pose the following question.
Hands up who would pre-order something that you knew absolutely nothing about? I have been keeping an eye on the forthcoming "Monster Collection" DVD sets - due for release on Monday 8th July - and am very surprised that there is still no information regarding them. No covers, no contents. Even the BBC Shop has nothing to show or tell about them, yet the release date is now less than a month away.
I certainly would not pre-order any of these discs until I am given some idea of what they are actually going to contain. Some folk must be pre-ordering, however, as the discs start to appear on Page 6 (out of 30) on Amazon's forthcoming releases section - based on "popularity", which I assume is based on advance orders.

Update Tuesday 18th June: The BBC Shop is now listing these as to be released on 30/9/13.

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