Sunday 9 June 2013

That Was The Week That Was 9.6.13

A very brief post tonight as I've only just got in from work. We are well and truly in what the media call the "silly season" - when there is very little serious stuff to report on.
If you've read my shocking exclusives on Mark Gatiss' usurpation of the programme, you'll know just how silly things can get...
A YouGov poll has put David Tennant as favourite all-time Doctor, with Tom Baker second, and Matt Smith in third position. Poor Paul McGann brings up the rear with 0%. Strangely, when the question was asked in reverse - i.e. who is your least favourite Doctor, Sylvester McCoy came top, and Matt Smith was only middling. Apparently, Tennant was tops no matter what your personal political leanings.

Talking of polls (of a sort) the bookies are still keen to take money off you by betting on who will replace Smith. Ben Daniels (whose name was linked to the role nearly two weeks before Smith announced his resignation) seems to have settled as favourite. Regarding a female Doctor, that YouGov poll indicated a majority of people want to keep the Doctor male.
There was an announcement alert yesterday - initiated by the Starburst website, apparently. Someone claimed the announcement would be timed to steal the BGT finale's thunder. The BBC had to break the news that there was no news.
Talking of the BBC, HM the Q officially opened their new London HQ this week, and JLC was one of those who got to meet her. We know EIIR watches Doctor Who, but there is no record of her enquiring about who Smith's replacement might be.

Lastly, the reproduction of the original TARDIS console created for An Adventure In Space And Time will go on show at the Cardiff DW Experience this summer - after a brief visit to the Paris ComicCon in early July. The Experience is also about to institute walking tours of the city's filming locations.

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