Sunday 20 May 2012

Jon Pertwee

Just reminded that it was on this date in 1996, during the excitement of what would prove to be the false dawn of the McGann Movie, that Jon Pertwee passed away.
I began watching Doctor Who towards the end of Patrick Troughton's tenure, but it was really with Pertwee that I became a dyed in the wool fan. I am still a big fan of this particular era (Courtney's Brigadier, Delgado's Master, Jo Grant, Sarah Jane Smith - who couldn't be?).
I went on to watch Worzel Gummidge - just because Jon was in it. I watched Whodunnit? because he was in it. He also appeared in 2 of the very best Carry On's - Cleo & Screaming.
I love British horror films (Hammer and the 1970's portmanteau variety of Amicus and the like), so imagine my delight at catching The House That Dripped Blood - Jon Pertwee as a horror actor who gets turned into a vampire.
He was a fantastic ambassador for Doctor Who on both sides of the Atlantic, and continues to be greatly missed. Such a great pity he is so poorly represented on the DVD releases of his stories. He died long before commentaries could be recorded, but you would have thought more archive interview material could be found and included.

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