Sunday 27 May 2012

Good news is no news...

Still managing to avoid the Spoilers!
Next issue of DWM is out on Thursday 31st May. Will there be any significant news therein? Probably some casting news I would imagine, maybe writers for the second half of the series.
We know that the Christmas episode is now being filmed, and that the new companion has started work on the series. No clue about her character yet - even her name.

Karen Gillan has been in Cannes plugging her new movie, whilst Arthur Darvill is on his hols in New York, judging from Twitter.
Moffat is due to get a special BAFTA later this very evening.

And of course, Matt Smith got to emulate Doctor Ten yesterday morning in Cardiff Bay, by running with the (real) Olympic torch.

Finally, it looks as if the October DVD release (the last Classic one for 2012) could be 1970's The Ambassadors of Death. The extras were recently passed by the BBFC - generally a sign of imminent release.
I am still going to assume a 'Series 7: Volume 1' release for Christmas, in lieu of the annual box set.

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