Friday 25 May 2012

Good As... Bronze.

It was all going so well - until we found out the Weeping Angel's motivation... Human civilisation would collapse if the Olympic torch were stolen / destroyed?
Since it arrived in the UK 6 days ago, it has gone out at least twice, and someone was flogging their torch on e-bay on the very first day. (You can tell we're in the middle of a recession).
Of course this evening's Script to Screen, broadcast during Blue Peter (now ghettoised to CBBC) will never quite qualify as canon - unless some lanky guy in a long brown coat and a cod Dick Van Dyke accent comes along and nicks the torch from the poor athlete, totally redesigns it, and lights the flame in his place, with Huw Edwards gushing cloying sentimentality on the commentary. (Fear Her - I'm looking right at you...).
It was the Doctor's explanation as to why the Angel was trying to take the torch that sparked that horrible memory of one of Doctor Who's most cringe-worthy moments.
The opening section with the misbehaving TARDIS console, and the Doctor's mad hair, was actually very funny, but it went a bit downhill thereafter.
Still, can't over-criticise what was, of course, written by some school girls.
(Someone should have the heart to tell them female writers are few and far between in the world of Doctor Who - Moffat hasn't employed a single one).
Liked the fact it ended with a little cliffhanger.
Biggest gripe? No Rory!!! Not even a mention of why he wasn't there. Couldn't he have been off with Victoria Waterfield studying Graphology? Unforgivable IMHO.
God, I'm knocking well intentioned school kids...
A bronze star rather than a gold one - shows promise, but could do better.

PS. According to a BBC tweet, Matt Smith will be carrying the real torch when it passes through Cardiff this weekend. Will DT get a go with the real thing when it reaches Scotland? They could digitally add it to the Special Addition of Fear Her. No? I'll get me coat...

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