Friday, 6 April 2012

DWM 446

Just a couple of new things about series 7 in the new DWM. Episode 2 is titled "Spoiler On A Spoiler". (We already knew from Moffat that Episode 1 was "Something of the Somethings" and as it's full of Daleks I'll hazard a guess that it will be "Something of the Daleks").
Episode 4 is also written by Chris Chibnall. And the rumour about Mark Williams playing Rory's dad, Brian, has now been confirmed. (The body warmer was always a giveaway, and his on-line CV gave his character the same surname as Rory so not unexpected).
There is also a great interview with Turlough himself, Mark Strickson - which I only mention as today is his birthday. So, many happy returns Mark!

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