Tuesday 10 April 2012

The Big Five-O

Received an e-mail from the BBC today thanking all the Convention goers. There was a link to sign up to a newsletter giving the heads up on future events. This got me thinking about the 50th Anniversary year. What might we expect?

  • Another convention. I think this year's may have been in part a dry run for something next year. Perhaps a whole weekend and covering earlier eras?
  • Something for the kids - along the lines of the Live event last year.
  • Something musical. Could be a concert such as the Cardiff one back in 2006, or another Prom. Personally I would like to see a touring concert - taking in Glasgow, Belfast, Newcastle etc. - not just a London / Cardiff event. The programme is a national institution after all.
  • A decent documentary.
  • A drama such as the "Road to Coronation Street" which was screened on BBC4 for Corrie's 60th. Get either Mark Gatiss or Gareth Roberts to write it.
  • The ultimate coffee table book. (Would probably be so big you could put bricks under it and turn it into the ultimate coffee table).
  • And of course the anniversary special episode. My thoughts on that shortly...

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