Tuesday, 20 September 2016

September's Figurines

Three figurines to add to the collection this month. The two regular releases are the fly-headed Tritovore from Planet of the Dead, and the Cyberman from The Wheel In Space.
The special release is the latest of the subscriber-only Daleks.
The Tritovore is a fairly bland figure. He's posed rather awkwardly, like he is suffering from a dislocated hip. The Cyberman represents the show's second major redesign for the men from Mondas. The accompanying magazine for this one shows how the original design was supposed to have looked - a grey plastic body with only minimal cybernetic enhancements.
The Dalek is clearly one of the multi-coloured movie ones, but it is presented here as belonging to The Chase. That's because a couple of static movie Dalek props, with their bases removed, were used in the background for a couple of scenes to swell their ranks. As this figurine doesn't have its base off, I am not sure why they didn't just present it as a movie Dalek and be done with.
Can't wait for a release of the Special Stealth Dalek from the same story - the one disguised as camera 5, seen lurking amidst the jungles of Mechanus.
Next scheduled release will be a Vervoid from The Trial of a Time Lord (Parts 9 - 12).

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