Sunday, 11 September 2016

A is for... Arak (1)

One of the Earth colonists enslaved by the Giant Spiders on the planet Metebelis 3. Arak had attacked one of the human overseers who worked for the Spiders, after he had struck Arak's mother. Now a fugitive, his father believed that he could act as a focus for rebellion to overthrow the "Eight Legs". The Doctor arrived on the planet in pursuit of Sarah Jane Smith, who had been accidentally transported there. He had been struck down by the Spiders' energy weapons. Arak was able to retrieve a device which saved the Doctor. The Doctor gave Arak a means of defence against the Spiders - a special stone to be worn against the forehead. Unfortunately this failed to be effective, and Arak was taken over and used to recapture the Doctor. He was freed when the Doctor aided the Great One in her own destruction. Presumably, he would have taken command of the colonists after the defeat of the Spiders.

Played by Gareth Hunt. Appearances: Planet of the Spiders (1974).

  • Hunt is best known for his role as Mike Gambit, of The New Avengers, as well as a long-running series of coffee commercials. He first came to fame in the popular period drama series Upstairs, Downstairs.
  • Until UK Health Secretary Jeremy came along, his name was also used as a rather rude Cockney rhyming slang insult.

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