Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Power of the Daleks on DVD

Excellent news that an animated version of lost classic Power of the Daleks is going to be released in November. It will include the few surviving clips from the serial. You will be able to download it from BBC Shop from November 5th, with the DVD due out two weeks later.
The images we have seen so far appear to be sympathetic to the telesnaps.
I've owned three different versions of these telesnaps over the years. First of all, there was a "photo-novel" of Power of the Daleks published by the fanzine DWB many years ago. (I also have The Moonbase one).
Then DWM and its sister publication Classic Comics released all the telesnaps - although printed on poor quality paper. Then a couple of years ago DWM released all the existing telesnaps in a series of Special Editions, in much better quality.
Unfortunately, these telesnaps contain a number of inaccuracies, mainly dialogue - noticeable when you read them along with the audio soundtracks.

Naturally, this release has prompted all sorts of speculation about further lost stories to be given the full animation treatment. Some of these do not have telesnaps for reference, so are unlikely to appear any time soon. For others we do have full visual reference. As Dalek stories are likely to sell quite well, Evil of the Daleks as a follow up seems more than likely - depending on how well Power sells.

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