Thursday, 29 September 2016

A is for... Archer, Colonel

Commander of an army bomb disposal unit, called in to investigate strange metal objects discovered in an old warehouse in Shad Thames, just south of Tower Bridge in London. He found the Fifth Doctor and his companion Tegan snooping around the building. The Doctor informed him that the objects were containers of some kind, which were of extraterrestrial origin. It transpired that they contained a gas developed by the Movellans which could attack Dalek systems and destroy them. The Daleks had a time tunnel located in an upper floor of the warehouse. This was all an elaborate trap to capture the Doctor so that he could be replicated - his double programmed to assassinate the High Council of Time Lords. Archer and his men were killed and replicated themselves, assigned by the Supreme Dalek to guard the canisters. The fake Archer gave himself away as the replicant had his gun, which the real Colonel had earlier given away. They were exterminated by Daleks made loyal to Davros.

Played by Del Henney. Appearances: Resurrection of the Daleks (1984).

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