Thursday, 28 July 2016

A is for... Androvax

A member of the Veil species. After spending some time exploring the cosmos, Androvax returned to his homeworld to find it obliterated by its own sun. Grief and rage combined to make him decide that everything in the Universe existed merely to be destroyed - so he decided that he would speed up the process. He set out to destroy other worlds. He became the Most Wanted criminal sought by the Judoon, who finally captured him. However, the prison ship piloted by Judoon Captain Tybo crashed on Earth. Whilst the authorities headed for the main crash site, Sarah Jane Smith and her young friends spotted that an escape pod had landed elsewhere. Androvax was able to evade recapture by inhabiting other people's bodies, merging into them and taking them over. Apart from the change in character, a giveaway was his long snake-like tongue. Taking over Sarah's body, he learned of her recent visit to a technology company that was developing new nanoforms. He decided to use these to create a spaceship for himself - based on the one recovered at Roswell. However, the nanoforms would run riot and destroy the Earth. Sarah and her friends joined forces with the Judoon and Androvax was taken into custody once more.
Whilst held captive on a swamp planet, he learned that he was not the last of his kind after all. Now dying, he escaped and returned to Earth in order to break into a vault run by the robotic Men In Black. It held a spaceship which contained more of the Veil, held in suspended animation. Sarah decided to help Androvax free them, and they left to find a new home to colonise.
When the Doctor and Clara found themselves robbing the Bank of Karabraxos, accomplice Psi downloaded an image of Androvax, along with many other criminal masterminds.

Played by:Mark Goldthorp. Appearances: SJA 3.1 Prisoner of the Judoon (2009), SJA 4.2 The Vault of Secrets (2010), Time Heist (2014).

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