Sunday, 17 July 2016

A is for... Andrews, Lt.

Young First Officer on the merchant ship SS Bernice, during its crossing of the Indian Ocean in the summer of 1926. He took a shine to the daughter of passenger Major Daly - Clare. When the Doctor and Jo arrived on the ship they were surprised to see time repeat itself, with the passengers and crew seemingly unaware of anything being wrong. The ship is also seen to encounter an extinct Plesiosaur. The Doctor recalled that the ship had gone missing, presumably sunk by a tidal wave, four days out from Bombay. It transpires that the ship has been captured within a Miniscope, which is currently on the planet Inter Minor. People can pay to see examples of alien life. The machine's owner, Vorg, can make things more interesting by increasing the specimens' aggression levels - and the Doctor finds himself challenged to a boxing match with the young lieutenant.
The Doctor was able to send all the specimens back to their own place and time - so Andrews finally reached his destination.

Played by Ian Marter. Appearances: Carnival of Monsters (1973).

  • Marter had previously been offered the role of Captain Mike Yates, back in 1970. He pulled out when he realised it would be a recurring role. He would return in two season's time in a recurring part - that of companion Harry Sullivan, another Naval Lieutenant.

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