Sunday, 3 July 2016

A is for... Andred

The commander of the Chancellery Guards when the Fourth Doctor arrived on Gallifrey to claim the Presidency of the High Council. When it appeared that the Doctor had betrayed the Time Lords to the invading Vardans, Andred decided he had to assassinate him. He particularly hated having to exile some of the venerable older Time Lords from the Capitol into the wastes of Outer Gallifrey. After he was stunned by K9, the Doctor was able to convince him that he was really working against the Vardans. When the Vardans had been defeated, a force of Sontarans arrived in their place. Andred joined the Doctor and Leela in their flight to the heart of the TARDIS to protect Borusa and to give the Doctor time to build the fearsome Demat Gun. Andred was wounded by a Sontaran weapon.
Andred had initially been exasperated by Leela, as she refused to accept any of their ancient customs, but by the time the Doctor had recovered from the effects of using the Gun, Andred and Leela had fallen in love. She elected to remain on Gallifrey and marry him.

Played by Christopher Tranchell. Appearances: The Invasion of Time (1978).

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