Sunday, 3 July 2016

A is for... Ancient Lights

A powerful alien intelligence which attempted to take over the Earth and plunge it back into an age of superstition. It made a link to Earth through a crooked astrologer named Martin Trueman, giving him genuine powers. He arranged a global TV link-up to his astrology show in Ealing, West London. During this the population was taken over - zodiac sign by zodiac sign. The only person not affected was Luke Smith, as he had never been born. He had been created by the alien Bane. Luke broke Trueman's zodiac wheel and the Ancient Lights were cast back out into deep space.

  • The Ancient Lights is the Mandragora Helix in all but name. Russell T Davies was going to make this story about the return of the Mandragora Helix until late in the day, but thought the reference too obscure.
Appearances: Sarah Jane Adventures 2.3: Secrets of the Stars (2008).

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