Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Radio Times 10th Anniversary Poll

The latest issue of the Radio Times, out today, contains the results of a Top Ten Poll of the new series stories, to tie in with the imminent tenth anniversary of the programme's return. Only stories broadcast since 2005 are counted. Blink takes the top spot with over 14% of the vote, but lower down there are some items of note - especially if you compare with the DWM poll of late last year.
There are no Peter Capaldi stories in the list, and 6 of those that make it are David Tennant adventures. Discounting the 50th anniversary tale, only one Smith story makes it - Vincent and the Doctor. The Eleventh Hour was highly ranked in the DWM poll (17th overall) but is noticeably absent. Another highly praised new series story from the DWM poll was Human Nature / Family of Blood (9th). Also absent. As is DalekThe End of Time was way down at number 82 in the DWM poll - far from the top ten of the post-2005 stories. Subtracting all the classic series stories above it, it came 30th.
Biggest surprise is that the The Day of the Doctor can only manage 4th position in the RT poll. (Technically, Tennant gets 6.5 of the 10 stories).
Why the differences? Well, obviously, six months have passed since the DWM poll and opinions vary over time, but most probable factor is the demographic of the RT readership. This poll would represent far fewer younger, or overseas, readers.

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