Sunday, 1 March 2015

Barry & Leonard

I'd just like to mention the passing of two people in the last week who have left a lasting legacy in TV Science Fiction. The first is the designer Barry Newbery. He took over from Peter Brachacki for the very first ever Doctor Who story - An Unearthly Child - and who then alternated stories with Ray Cusick for the first two years of the programme, more or less. Generally Barry got to do the "Historicals" of the Hartnell era. There are some marvellous sets he created under trying circumstances, just going by The Aztecs and The Silurians on DVD, or the photographs which exist from Marco Polo. He worked on the programme right through to The Awakening in 1984. The wood panelled TARDIS control room from Season 14 is his. There are so few left from the very earliest days of the programme. I am glad he was still around to witness the celebrations for the 50th Anniversary. There is a book available of his work on the programme, and check out the DVDs for his presence in a couple of interviews and commentaries - especially that Aztecs one.

And then there is Leonard Nimoy - Mr Spock, Science Officer of the Starship Enterprise. I generally never venture off of Doctor Who on this blog, but could not let his passing go unmentioned. Most Who fans are also Star Trek fans - especially when it comes to that original crew. We first watched Spock and Kirk's exploits in the gap between seasons of Doctor Who. Nimoy had a bit of a love-hate relationship with his alter-ego over the years, but the public just generally loved him and the character.
Barry - RIP. Leonard - LLAP.

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