Sunday, 1 December 2013

That Was The Spoilery Week That was 1.12.13

As threatened, I'm back again. None of the bribes worked. Have just got back from the wilds of Ayrshire - where the Internet is regarded as tantamount to sorcery. Despite being away from the computer, I still managed to have The Time of the Doctor spoiled somewhat - thanks to an old fashioned newspaper. I read a piece about the Christmas episode and noticed too late that it was all spoiler.
Now, what was printed might not actually be true, but some elements seem to fit with what is already known officially.
What the piece did not say, fortunately, were the exact circumstances of how the Doctor comes to regenerate. The man spoiler was how the regeneration limit issue is to be addressed.
I posted on this a few weeks back, and it seems it has nothing to do with River Song giving him her regenerations. Nor is it to do with unseen regenerations (as, since then, we've seen one of them).
I shan't spoil it for you, but will say that you need to look back to the Fifth Doctor era. You've also got to look back to last week's anniversary story.
Non-spoilery information is that a place called Christmas Town is under siege by lots of aliens - Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans, Silents and Weeping Angels. That tolling bell seen in the teaser trailer summons the Doctor to aid the inhabitants (the bell is heard by everyone in the Universe). The siege lasts a very long time (Clara has to take to the TARDIS to survive it) and the Doctor sustains an injury - other than the "fatal" one.
One other thing the piece failed to mention was quite how this links to Trenzalore.

Apart from that, the week saw the global reaction to The Day of the Doctor - with lots of records being broken. It's also that time of the year when the Radio Times tries to confuse us by slipping out an extra issue on the Saturday. In this case, it is the one with the Doctor Who cover and a Matt Smith interview within.
The Enemy of the World DVD arrived whilst I was away, so I was able to sit down and watch it last night on my return. How un-typical of the rest of the story was that orphan episode on the Lost In Time set? Even though I already owned the soundtrack, it is a story that has gone up in my estimation.
Looking ahead to the coming week, tomorrow sees the DVD releases of An Adventure In Space And Time and The Day of the Doctor. The former has some unseen recreated scenes as extras - including Hartnell's toast to all of us at home from The Feast of Steven. The latter has the wonderful Night of the Doctor and The Last Day prequel
Thursday will see subscribers receive the Tenth Doctor and Skaldak the Ice Warrior from the figurine collection - as well as a TARDIS, if you signed up for the occasional special releases.

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