Sunday, 8 December 2013

That Was The Week That Was 8.12.13

A batch of new photographs from Time of the Doctor released yesterday. The Christmas double issue of Radio Times features the episode, but doesn't offer any new information. Some of the images are intriguing - especially what appears to be a wooden Cyberman. The Clerics are also back - as expected if this story is supposed to tie up the Silence arc. The Doctor appears to have gone all Harry Potter, with his cape and that Dalek eye-stalk being waved around like a wand.

Thursday saw the latest DW figurines being sent out to subscribers - Issue 8 featuring the Tenth Doctor from School Reunion, and Issue 9 having an excellent Skaldak figure (Cold War). If you signed up to the special releases, you will also have received an Eleventh Doctor TARDIS. This is a full 149mm tall and sturdily constructed.

The accompanying magazine is more than double the page count of the regular issues, and of much higher quality. There was also news on the Emperor Dalek which was one of the free gifts for subscribers. It has been delayed but should be sent out alongside the Silent and Rassilon in January.

Forbidden Planet are advertising a War Doctor figure from Character Options - due in the shops in February next year. There is a Moment box - and you can swap the head for that of the the Eighth Doctor.
One last thing to mention is the lack of news about The Moonbase DVD. It has only ever been advertised on the US version of Amazon. The last issue of DWM said it was due out on 20th January - so I am surprised we haven't seen a cover yet, or had it listed on and other on-line retail sites.

Looking forward to the week ahead, Wednesday 11th December sees the publication of the next issue of SFX, with the latest DWM following the day after.

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